Long time no see…

It’s been a while since I updated the blog, and I wanted to reassure all my imaginary audience: I’m still here. I have so much stuff I’m working on, and — alas — so little time. Here is a sneak peak of what you might see in the next few days/weeks/months on this space:

  • Barkeep on the Borderlands: play report for sessions 3 through 6;
  • Barkeep on the Borderlands: Unicorn Hunt — A forest crawl procedure;
  • A first pass at an heartbreaker for a sci-fantasy megadungeon campaign I’m tentatively calling Interstellar Overdrive;
  • A Rogue Trader meets Apocalypse World hack and scenario to go along with it;
  • The play reports for a Mausritter campaign I’m planning to start very soon with my 8yo daughter.

In the meanwhile something absolutely astonishing happened: W. F. Smith at Prismatic Wasteland wrote a terrific post about, among other things, the play reports of Barkeep on the Borderlands on my little corner of the internet. That felt as good as a gold medal to me. I almost fainted.  I can only hope to keep providing entertainment and not–too–bad materials for this fantastic adventure he wrote. Stay tuned for more!