Dungeon Cast: Granny Gossa and Fluffy

A big part of my work on the Entombed Palace of the Crazed Artificer is depicting the many whacky dungeon delvers you can encounter, recruit, antagonize, or play as!

I have a fondness for this strange couple, because they existed already in the abandoned #dungeon23 incarnation of this project.

They are loosely inspired by characters in the beautiful T. Kingfisher’s novel Nettle and Bone 1

Granny Gossa

Kids this days, they don’t appreciate all the hard work involved in making good dungeon soup *whacks mysterious meat with a cleaver*

A plump old woman, with milky eyes and a sour breath. Always smiling and humming to herself while petting a strange looking chicken. Her blood stained leather apron detracts somewhat from her rustic charm.

She made a pact with a minor demon when she was younger, exchanging a part of her soul and the promise of a corporeal body for eldritch alchemical knowledge.

Wants: rare ingredients for her potions, elixirs, and grisly amulets. All manner of magical things live in the dark corners of the world, just waiting for a skilled cook.

AP 1 (AC 12), LVL 2, HP 8, attack 1 (either cleaver 1d6 or wooden spoon 1d4), MOV 40’, MRL 7, NA Unique.
Spells and potions: see companion” equipment

As companion: Level 2, HP 2d6, INT 2, CON 3, WIS 1, careers: Butcher

- Inventory slots
01 Dessiccated dragon hearth (as spellbook: greed)
02 Eye of a Lamia under spirit (as spellbook: hypnotize)
03 Potion: disassemble
04 Potion: true acid
05 Potion: mud breathing
06 Alchemical preservatives
07 Cleaver (d6)
08 Wooden spoon (d4)
09 Cauldron
10 40 coins
13 Fluffy’s soulbinding (permanent wound)

Fluffy, demon ridden chicken

Cluck *death stare*

A fierce looking brown hen, with a strange spark in its beady eyes. It struts around, pecking meaty bits off of Granny’s bloody leftovers.

A demon inhabits this fowl body, making it ageless, sturdy, and quite dangerous.

Wants: to experience corporeal pleasures, to excess if left to its own device. It will do whatever it takes to defend Gossa and continue this blissful existence.

AP 1 (AC 12), LVL 1, HP 4, ATK 1 peck (1d4 poison), MOV 40’, MRL 10, NA Unique. Can see the spirit world. Can breath a paralyzing fog once per day (CON check vs. Gossa’s INT). Soulbound to Gossa: if Gossa dies she will be expelled from the chicken body and become incorporeal again. If she dies Gossa will suffer 1d6 soul-rending direct damage.

  1. Please don’t use my amateurish writing as a metric to judge the excellent quality of T. Kingfisher’s work!↩︎